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Sonik Gizmo2 Alarm & Receiver Set FREE Bivvy Light -Multi Colours Carp Fishing

Sonik Gizmo2 Alarm & Receiver Set FREE Bivvy Light -Multi Colours Carp Fishing

Sonik Gizmo2 Alarm & Receiver Set FREE Bivvy Light -Multi Colours Carp Fishing   Sonik Gizmo2 Alarm & Receiver Set FREE Bivvy Light -Multi Colours Carp Fishing

PLEASE NOTE: All pictures are for illustration purpose only. Additional products are not included. The Gizmo2® Bite Alarm follows on from the huge success of the original Gizmo® Bite Alarm system. We have added even more advanced features and updates that take it up to a whole new level and it is sure to become a firm favourite with anglers all over the world. Offering exceptional performance in a miniature package the Gizmo2® Bite Alarm is packed with several new upgraded features and a completely new transmission system whilst still maintaining a sensible price point that is very affordable.

The new look, frosted finish, multi coloured LED twin Hi-visibility illuminated snag ears are extremely visible, even in bright sunlight. The line roller offers both forward and backdrop indication and the alarm face features three control dials for sensitivity, tone and volume. Two additional function buttons control advanced features such as LED brightness tuning and a range test mode.

Gizmo2® also offers a greater range (up to 200m) and vastly increased battery life using three AAA batteries plus a silent low battery warning and an intelligent mute mode. The sealed case is extremely robust and has rod friendly rubber inlays to protect expensive rod blanks. The underside of the alarm has a 2.5mm output socket for the use of illuminated hangers/bobbins.

There is no on-off button, simply remove the cover and the Gizmo2® Bite Alarm is armed and ready to use and will automatically sync with the receiver. To turn off, simply replace the cover and the alarm is disarmed. Every Gizmo2® set comes with a four channel multi coloured LED receiver which has a built-in alarm colour sync technology. The receiver has six volume levels and also features a silent and vibro mode.

The tone setting of the alarm head is also recognised by the receiver which also has a drop back LED indication mode. The receiver can sync with up to eight alarm heads and operates using three AAA batteries for increased battery life and has a silent low battery warning mode. There is also a torch function for those dark nights.

The receiver will stand freely on a table-top or can be hung in a bivvy with the lanyard supplied. In addition, the Gizmo2® Bite Alarm comes complete with a rechargeable bivvy light that shares many of the receiver features, such as alarm colour sync technology, (when the alarm head signals a bite the bivvy lamp will illuminate to the colour of the active alarm). Supplied with a built in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB-C charging port. Other features include a six level brightness adjustment and six mode time delay.

The bivvy light can also be operated independently of the alarms and comes supplied with magnetic or hook bivvy attachment. Illuminated snag ears with frosted finish.

Forward and backward drop back indication. Dial VTS settings (Including silent mode).

Power out socket 2.5mm. Sealed case and rod friendly rubber inlays. Operates with 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

Four channels, multi colour LEDs. Can sync up to eight alarms. Six volume levels plus silent mode.

Drop back LED indication and torch function. Auto alarm head tone matching. Table top free standing case design. Manual on/off mode or automatic illumination mode when alarm triggered.

Built in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Supplied with magnetic or hook bivvy attachment. All orders placed from 1:01pm will be dispatched the following day.

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Sonik Gizmo2 Alarm & Receiver Set FREE Bivvy Light -Multi Colours Carp Fishing   Sonik Gizmo2 Alarm & Receiver Set FREE Bivvy Light -Multi Colours Carp Fishing